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Mother Nature is NOT the biggest thre...

Hands of Homeless Man with Change in Cup

“If they wanted a job they could get one.” Time and time again I’ve heard various, middle class people talk about how “lazy” homeless people are or how much of a burden they are. The Cities of Abbotsford and Maple Ridge both tried to address their homeless citizens by dropping manure when they were camped […]

Think small to be BIG


Ever wonder how you can make a big impact on your community? I remembering reading an HBR blog some time ago that encouraged business not to overlook the poor in their market growth strategies. The idea goes like this. The company invests into the community resulting in a higher standard of living for community members […]

Little Drummer Boy – Pentatonix

Little Drummer Boy – Pentatonix

This is an amazing version. Just for fun

Putting “Human” back into...

Young friends with arms raised in success

“Your first commitment is to the organization” the manager says to me in an interview. “Really?” I wonder to myself. “The organization? And what commitment will it make to me?” I even heard one volunteer board member say one day “volunteers are the true champion of the organization because they don’t get paid for what […]

Bylaws – huh?

Business meeting.

If you’re like the average person, the mere mention of the words “constitution” and “bylaws” can invoke panic and confusion. While there are a tremendous number of volunteer nonprofit directors who, from a motivation of wanting to help, become confused and frustrated when others talk of bylaws, particularly how to interpret them. So let’s clear […]

Nonprofits! Don’t Ignore HR Is...


This is an article written by Alex Craigie and Ranlyn Tilley Hill for Nonprofit World about the risks of ignoring HR issues and potential lawsuits that can result. It’s written for an American audience however the concepts I think apply in Canada equally so thought i would share it. Any thoughts or questions, feel free […]

Economic impact of the Canadian chari...

Economic impact of the Canadian charitable sector

Courtesy of: Fundtracker by

Taking the Plunge


Every year my family and I rent a cabin at Ruth Lake near 100 Mile House in BC. We have friends who own a cabin here so we come up for a week every year to relax and get away from the entrapment’s of an electronic life. My children particularly love the swimming and kayaking that is […]

Dan Pallotta – The way we think...

Hands of Homeless Man with Change in Cup

In this presentation, Dan Pallotta presents the barriers charities face to achieve their mission, focusing on traditional fundraising perspectives and how this needs to change in order to achieve large enough scale to tackle the social issues of our day.

Nonprofit financial sustainability...

Nonprofit financial sustainability…fact or fiction?

“Financial sustainability” may appear to be an oxymoron when it comes to non-profits yet there is tremendous pressure on the non-profit sector to become less reliant on government funding and more entrepreneurial.  In theory this sounds great especially in election years.  But how does a nonprofit become financially sustainable when so many barriers get in […]

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